Pakistani summers are unforgiving, with temperatures in certain parts of the country exceeding 40 degrees celsius and setting new records. An AC has become... Top 5 DC Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan (2020)

Pakistani summers are unforgiving, with temperatures in certain parts of the country exceeding 40 degrees celsius and setting new records. An AC has become more of a necessity than a luxury as it used to be with heat strokes in the southern region of the country claiming lives. Thankfully there are many options for one to choose a reliable air conditioner in Pakistan, both from international and local brands. Luckily inverter technology is much more common and affordable today and helps reduce energy bills by conserving energy through a more efficient system.

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There are a few other considerations that need to be taken when buying an AC, the first of which is usually its tonnage, the cooling capacity of the AC. The tonnage directly correlates with the size of the space that needs to be cooled.

DC Inverter ACs in PakistanWhat Does a Ton Mean in ACs?

Let’s take the example of a one ton air conditioner. 1-ton ACs are generally where the power ratings start, anything smaller is probably a more portable unit. The tonnage is a remnant of a time long past when people used ice to keep their homes and buildings cool. One ton is equal to the amount of heat it would take to melt one ton of ice in a 24-hour period. If the ice melts uniformly over the 24 hours, it absorbs heat at the rate of 286,000 BTUs / 24 hrs = 11,917 BTU/hr. In line with that, today a 1 ton AC is rounded off at 12,000 BTUs, this gives you an idea of how much heat the AC can remove from the space in an hour. All this information should help you better understand how and why ACs are rated. The reason why this is important is due to the fact that running a 1-ton AC in a larger space reduces its efficiency and will affect the bill negatively.

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How does inverter technology work?

DC Inverter TechnologyThe next bit that has become a crucial feature in ACs in recent years is inverter technology. Many people are only aware of its effects but how it actually works is not such common knowledge. An inverter inside the AC is more specifically called a DC inverter and works closely with the most important component of an AC, the compressor. Incoming AC electricity is converted to DC current, then through a modulation process, a current is produced at a specific frequency. This change in frequency affects how fast the compressor runs. Generally, compressors run at fixed speeds so even if they need to compensate for small temperature changes they run at full speed, burning through a lot of energy in the process. But DC inverter ACs cuts down the initial high level of current needed for the compressor to start. The combined effects help save electricity over time. ACs with this technology cost more to buy initially compared to non-inverter ACs but cost less to run, saving you money in the long term.

Other possible features in ACs

With the new age of connectivity, AC units come with the ability to connect to WiFi, which allows users to turn it on or set the temperature and other settings from their smartphone. One could turn on the AC before they arrive home so the room is cooled before they enter. The apps also give you an idea of how much it is costing you to run your AC, giving one a better view in case they want to save money on the bill. ACs also come with the ability to function in conditions of low voltage. Voltage fluctuations are common in Pakistan and having a unit that can cope with such fluctuations will help prevent internal damage. Different models and brands have fan settings that can range from a few feet to a massive 50-foot air throw and more fancy 3D and 4D air throws. For humidity a lot of brands are using Gold Fin or Blue Fin condensers depending on the area the AC is going to be installed in, some do a combination of both. The removal of humidity helps with cooling and comfort. Units also have anti-rust materials so they don’t deteriorate over time, especially the outdoor unit which faces harsh weather conditions.

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5 best inverter AC Brands in Pakistan

As with many other electronic appliances, it is hard to determine what brands are best, since there are so many of them. In Pakistan there are some brands that are produced locally, while others are imported, the latter being more costly, naturally. Our top 5 picks for local and international brands are:

1. Haier Inverter ACs

A homegrown brand, Haier has multiple appliances in the market including ACs that have made a good reputation over the years. Haier has a line called PuriCool that can eliminate 99.99% of the airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria etc. With Haier, it is possible to have an AC with good functionality at a competitive rate.

2. Gree Inverter ACs

Gree is based out of China, but also has a plant that manufactures within Pakistan. This brand is making headway and has produced good ACs that incorporate inverter technology. Gree ACs also come with the ability to function in conditions of low voltage, this fluctuation is very probable in Pakistan and having a unit that can handle it would help from long term internal damage.

3. Orient Inverter ACs

Another brand from Pakistan. Orient has made use of many features including control over WiFi from one’s smartphone. All you have to do is install the MEVRIS app and you can manage your AC’s running from the convenience of your hand. Orient also makes use of higher grade Japanese PCB chips for their ACs.

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4. Dawlance Inverter ACs

A local Pakistani brand that was bought out by the Turkish company, Arçelik. Dawlance ACs such as the Infinity Plus, LVS Gold GD and LVS Plus. These ACs come with a 100% copper connecting pipe that ensures maximum durability. This combined with inverter technology makes them even more efficient.

5. Mitsubishi Inverter ACs

Based in Japan, Mitsubishi ACs are imported to Pakistan. Interestingly the company responsible for this import is Orient. Mitsubishi ACs are amongst the best internationally. The features are packed full. Prices of Mitsubishi devices is more toward the premium side.

Other Considerations When Buying Inverter ACs

Choosing an AC can be as simple as just tonnage, features and inverter technology, but one can take into account the design as well. Some brands definitely make better-looking ACs that add to the space, more than just being functionally important devices. Between these brands and withing their own collections, there is a lot of variation one can choose from.

Finally and probably the most important deciding factor is the price. The latest prices of all of the above AC brands can be compared from all online stores on These brand provide sufficient diversity in terms of price, comparing prices according to your budget will help you make an informed decision.