Ownership Costs of Solar System versus Generator versus UPS
The government has started many different projects to end load shedding. However, due to financial constraints or unavailability of equipment, the projects have been delayed with their completion date being pushed further and further. The government has acknowledged that these projects won’t be completed anytime soon and load shedding... Read more
First phase of Quaid e Azam Solar Park complete
The first phase of the Quaid e Azam Solar Power Park located in Cholistan Desert Punjab is complete. There are 400,000 solar panels installed in the park which are spread over 200 hectares of land. The solar park is being made in collaboration with the Chinese government, and the... Read more
Can Wind Energy help Pakistan overcome energy crisis?
With Pakistan failing to fulfill its energy demand through thermal and hydroelectric power plants, it is exploring other sources of energy to meet the energy requirements. One energy source being explored is wind energy. Wind energy has a huge potential in Pakistan, especially along the states close to the... Read more
Gas based power plants to be set up in Punjab
In an agreement between Punjab Chief Minister and a Germany based energy company, a 3,600 megawatts gas based power plant will be set up in Punjab. The German delegation was led by German Ambassador Dr Syrill Nunn who signed the agreement with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Also present... Read more
Renewable Energy: History and What it Means for Pakistan (Part 1)
Whether you turn on the TV or pick up the newspaper, the phrase renewable energy pops up everywhere. But what does it actually mean, in particular for a country like Pakistan? Loadshedding.pk will be dedicating a major section of this website to renewables, in particular solar energy, due to... Read more
Consumers to be Paid by DISCOs to Generate Their Own Electricity
After months of deliberation and back and forth, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has finally approved the net metering system allowing domestic, commercial and industrial consumers to sell surplus electricity to the DISCOs (power generation companies) through installation of a solar panel system or any other on ground... Read more