K-Electric Electricity Rates Reduced
K-Electric’s electricity rates have been reduced by Rs2 and it will reflect in December’s bill. Read more
Increase in K-Electric’s tariff affects majority of consumers
K-Electric, on recommendation by the Ministry of Water and Power, has increased the tariff rate for its consumers. The Ministry had passed a regulation in mid-July, in accordance with IMF’s condition, to increase the tariff. The condition states that the government should withdraw any power subsidies it is offering... Read more
Nepra accuses K-Electric of violating agreement
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, has accused K-Electric of violating conditions of its privatization agreement. According to the agreement, K-Electric was required to add 1,000 megawatts of electricity to its capacity within three years, but it had failed to do so. It did add 1,034 megawatts to... Read more
K-Electric responsible for Karachi deaths says NEPRA
A report submitted by the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power mentions that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, holds K-Electric responsible for the death of more than 1300 people in Karachi. The report submitted to the upper house of parliament also blames the disaster management authorities and... Read more
Senate panel to probe Karachi load shedding
During a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power, it was decided that a senate panel will probe the excessive load shedding that occurred in Karachi during the first few days of Ramadan. The load shedding resulted in more than 1200 people dead. National Electric Power... Read more
Some Karachi areas experience another night of blackout
On Tuesday night, a broken conductor at Bin Qasim power plant plunged parts of Sindh and Baluchistan into darkness. Whole of Karachi was without power for more than 7 hours. On Wednesday night, a transformer tripped causing 12 stations to fail. Many areas of the city were without power.... Read more
Tripping causes prolonged blackout in Karachi
Karachi faced another night of blackout on Tuesday, when a 220 kilovolt power line at Bin Qasim power plant tripped. This led to tripping of two other power plants, which resulted in total darkness for some areas of Sindh and Baluchistan. A broken conductor at the Bin Qasim power... Read more
Tariffs increased for K-Electric domestic consumers
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, NEPRA, on instructions from the federal government, has increased the tariffs of K-Electric’s domestic consumers by 20-50%. NEPRA had earlier increased the tariffs in October 2013, but a stay order was filed against it in Sindh High Court. In view of the stay order,... Read more
K-Electric announces increased load shedding in Karachi
Despite more than 1,200 deaths in Karachi due to excessive load shedding and heat, K-Electric has announced that it’ll further increase load shedding. Karachi’s only electric supplier further said that load-shedding will also be conducted in areas which were exempt from load shedding. Unable to meet the electricity demands,... Read more
Committee formed to report on Karachi deaths
A Senate Committee has been formed to investigate the load shedding effects on Karachi and submit a report to the upper house of parliament. K-Electric, the main provider of electricity in Karachi, resorted to 20+ hours of load-shedding during the first two days of Ramadan. The load shedding plus... Read more