Sui gas price increased by 50%
The government has raised the Sui gas price by 50% after demand by the Baluchistan government. The Baluchistan government was demanding an increase by 100%, but settled for 50% with the national government. The demand was made in a November meeting but was approved now. Read more
Government increases Gas and Petroleum taxes
The government has increased the tax rate of natural gas and petroleum products with effect from 1st September. The government is about to request IMF for disbursement of $506 million tranche, therefore it had to increase the tax rates in order to fulfill IMF’s demand before it can request... Read more
Petroleum Minister to request increase in gas prices
Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Abbasi, will request the prime minister to increase gas prices or the government will have to pay subsidy to the gas companies to recover the loses. The gas companies have been operating on a loss for two and a half years, with... Read more
What are Hybrid Heaters and How They Save Your Gas Bill by 60%
With winters around the corner and gas shortages at an all time high, many people across the country are left wondering what to do. One option is electric heaters but with the rising electricity tariffs coupled with the high energy consumption rate of these heaters, few can afford to... Read more