Electricity consumers paying tariff for a nonfunctional power plant
Wapda has been charging tariff from consumers for a non-functional power plant. The tariff is collected in the form of “capacity charges” for the Rousch Pakistan Power Limited plant located in Abdul Hakeem in Punjab. These charges were supposed to enable the Rousch Pakistan Power Limited plant to receive... Read more
Nepra reduces electricity tariff by Rs2.8 per unit
Nepra has reduced the power tariff by Rs2.8 per unit despite Faisalabad Electric Supply Company’s request to increase the tariff. Nepra reduced the tariffs for domestic consumers between Rs0.51 to Rs2.8 per unit while it reduced the tariff for industrial users by Rs1.5 per unit. Read more
Electricity tariff reduced for industrial consumers
Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, speaking at the 39th Annual Export Awards Distribution Ceremony announced the reduction of electric tariff by Rs3 per unit for industrial consumers. The prime minister said that as steps are being implemented to reduce electricity theft, electricity distribution will improve. This will help generate... Read more
Electricity bill defaulters list sent to NAB
Wapda has sent the list of electricity bill defaulters to NAB, National Accountability Bureau, in order to have the money recovered. Wapda sent the list of defaulters who owe more than Rs100,000. According to the latest figures, Rs382.7 billion is the total amount that needs to be collected from... Read more
K-Electric Electricity Rates Reduced
K-Electric’s electricity rates have been reduced by Rs2 and it will reflect in December’s bill. Read more
Increase in K-Electric’s tariff affects majority of consumers
K-Electric, on recommendation by the Ministry of Water and Power, has increased the tariff rate for its consumers. The Ministry had passed a regulation in mid-July, in accordance with IMF’s condition, to increase the tariff. The condition states that the government should withdraw any power subsidies it is offering... Read more
Understanding Your Electricity Bill in Pakistan
If you’re amongst two-thirds (68% to be exact) of the population that has access to electricity in Pakistan, then you most certainly receive a monthly electricity bill. This piece of paper, also commonly known as the WAPDA bill, has been full of surprises over the last year for many consumers who... Read more
Nepra reduces tariff for distribution companies
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, agreed on Thursday to reduce electricity tariff for power distribution companies by Rs 2.68 per unit. The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, had earlier filed a request to reduce electricity tariff due to low oil prices worldwide. You can read more at:... Read more
The government has announced an amnesty scheme for electricity bill defaulters to encourage defaulters to pay the outstanding dues. The scheme was originally going to waive 50% of the bill if it was paid by July, 40% by August, and 30% by September. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) gave... Read more
Consumers fooled into paying 80% more in electricity bills
A recent news item showed how billions of rupees have been generated by overcharging electricity consumers across the country. In a recent interview Khawaja Asif, the Federal Minister for Power and Water stated that the government had conducted an audit on the issue of electricity overbilling that had been faced by... Read more