Check Your MEPCO Online Bill for This Month
Did you know that you can easily check your MEPCO bill online by following the simple procedure outlined in this article? If you are a resident of Multan then you’re a consumer of the Multan Electric Power Company or MEPCO and receive a monthly electricity bill from them. MEPCO... Read more
Increase in K-Electric’s tariff affects majority of consumers
K-Electric, on recommendation by the Ministry of Water and Power, has increased the tariff rate for its consumers. The Ministry had passed a regulation in mid-July, in accordance with IMF’s condition, to increase the tariff. The condition states that the government should withdraw any power subsidies it is offering... Read more
Asian Development Bank may finance smart meters
During a meeting between Federal Water and Power minister, Khawaja Asif, and Asian Development Bank delegation, it was proposed that if the Asian Development Bank, ADB, can finance smart meters installation in Pakistan. The ADB is already financing Jamshoro coal plant project and is considering financing the second unit... Read more
Nepra reduces tariff for distribution companies
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, agreed on Thursday to reduce electricity tariff for power distribution companies by Rs 2.68 per unit. The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, had earlier filed a request to reduce electricity tariff due to low oil prices worldwide. You can read more at:... Read more
Petition submitted to reduce electricity tariff
The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, has filed a petition with the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, to reduce the electricity tariff by Rs 3.28 per unit. The petition was filed on the basis of fuel price adjustment from May when petrol prices had fallen worldwide. Nepra had... Read more
Sindh government asked to clear dues
The federal government has asked the Sindh government to clear its dues of Rs 60 billion which will help reduce load-shedding. The government had promised not to conduct load shedding during Sehr, Iftar, and Taraveeh times, but it has failed to live up to its promises. The government searching... Read more
The government has announced an amnesty scheme for electricity bill defaulters to encourage defaulters to pay the outstanding dues. The scheme was originally going to waive 50% of the bill if it was paid by July, 40% by August, and 30% by September. The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) gave... Read more
Check your WAPDA Electricity bill online for this month
Did you know that you could view an online copy of your current month’s electricity bill? As trivial as it may sound, majority of the people are unaware that such a facility exists for Pakistani consumers for their WAPDA bill. This is an extremely useful resource considering that consumers... Read more
7 Culprits for High Electricity Bills and Their Solutions
Have you been receiving abnormally high WAPDA electricity bills, leaving you scratching your head? This article is precisely for you. Read on! It is not unusual that consumers in Pakistan have been receiving exorbitantly high electricity bills or WAPDA bills ever since the Nawaz Government came into power. The... Read more
Check Your SEPCO Online Bill for This Month
Do you live in Sukkur? If so then you most definitely receive an electricity bill from the Sukkur Electric Power Company or SEPCO. You can easily check an online or duplicate copy of your SEPCO bill for the current month. This online facility lends a lot of convenience to... Read more