Asian Development Bank may finance smart meters
During a meeting between Federal Water and Power minister, Khawaja Asif, and Asian Development Bank delegation, it was proposed that if the Asian Development Bank, ADB, can finance smart meters installation in Pakistan. The ADB is already financing Jamshoro coal plant project and is considering financing the second unit... Read more
Jamshoro power plant completion delayed due to financial issues
Work on the coal based Jamshoro power plant has been delayed due to financial reasons. The 1,320 megawatt coal plant was to be completed in two stages. The first stage was to complete in 2018 and generate 660 megawatts of electricity, while the second stage was to complete in... Read more
Government criticized for repeating previous energy mistakes
The Senate standing committee on water and power criticized the government for not learning from previous mistakes and making the same mikstakes again. The committee’s chairman, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, said that in 1986 thermal power plants were approved instead of coal plants which has resulted in energy crisis today.... Read more