With winters around the corner and gas shortages at an all time high, many people across the country are left wondering what to do.... What are Hybrid Heaters and How They Save Your Gas Bill by 60%

With winters around the corner and gas shortages at an all time high, many people across the country are left wondering what to do. One option is electric heaters but with the rising electricity tariffs coupled with the high energy consumption rate of these heaters, few can afford to use them.

Hybrid heaters

Hybrid heaters save on gas and electricity

A more feasible alternative that is readily available in the market are the hybrid Japanese imported heaters. These heaters are extremely energy efficient because they can run on very low gas pressure (Approximately 10% of gas that normal heaters use) and their electricity consumption is also quite low; about 15-25 watts which is equivalent to an energy saver, thus reducing both electricity and gas bills.Estimates show that hybrid heaters can save gas bills by up to 60%. Moreover they can also be used on UPS and with gas cylinders (Warning: Please ensure precautionary measures when using gas cylinders. They should always be placed in the outdoors)

These heaters are available in a variety of sizes and models. They have an inbuilt digital control system that enables them to go into energy saving mode once the room temperature reaches the temperature that has been set. Hybrid heaters also have a number of safety measures. While running on very low gas pressure, they will automatically shut down if the oxygen level in the room falls. Additionally they also come with a child locking system.

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The table below gives details of the available sizes and the corresponding room size that is suitable for each unit and their prices. The sizes are categorized according to British Thermal Unit(BTU) of each unit.BTU is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The range in prices reflect differences in models.

British Thermal Unit(BTU) Room size suitability Price range(PKR)
1200-1500 8ft by 10 ft -10 ft by 10 ft 2800-4000
2500-3000 12 ft by 12 ft-12 ft to 14 ft 3300-9000
3500-4000 14ft by 16ft,16ft by 16ft,16ft by 18ft 7500-18000
5000 22ft by 22 ft 10000-20000


Affordable prices and a reduction in electricity and gas consumption make hybrid heaters an excellent alternative to traditional gas and electricity heaters that are available in the market. Read our comprehensive guide on the installation and operation of Hybrid Heaters.