Did you know that you can easily check your MEPCO bill online by following the simple procedure outlined in this article? If you are... Check Your MEPCO Online Bill for This Month

Did you know that you can easily check your MEPCO bill online by following the simple procedure outlined in this article? If you are a resident of Multan then you’re a consumer of the Multan Electric Power Company or MEPCO and receive a monthly electricity bill from them. MEPCO is Pakistan’s largest electric supply company.

Your MEPCO consumer bill contains details of your monthly electricity consumption and the resulting total cost.

You can conveniently view a copy of your MEPCO online bill or consumer bill by following the steps below.

  1. Locate the 14-digit consumer reference no. on your MEPCO bill as indicated in the image below. Please note that some of the old reference numbers have been updated and revised so make sure that you enter your new 14-digital consumer number. This number is printed on your hardcopy bill as highlighted below. MEPCO Bill
  2. Enter your MEPCO 14-digit consumer reference no. by clicking the link below. Hit the ‘Submit’ button once you’re done.

>>View MEPCO Bill

Enter 14 digit MEPCO consumer no

3. Your MEPCO online bill or duplicate MEPCO consumer bill will be displayed on the following page as indicated by the image below. Please print a copy or save it in PDF for your record.

MEPCO Online bill

Not a resident of Multan? Please check your electricity bill online here.

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Important MEPCO-related News

MEPCO has been hard at work in providing its customers with exceptional service level. To that effect, it has successfully installed 66 high tension feeders that will afford customers of Multan Electric Power Company with uninterrupted electricity eliminating irregular voltage fluctuation and tripping. This will also result in more accurate electricity billing for customers. The costs of these high tension feeders has been to the tune of over a billion rupees.

MEPCO’s administration has also been hard at work in identifying electricity theft and apprehending the perpetrators. Electricity theft across the country causes WAPDA major losses and is one of the leading causes of load shedding across the country. Furthermore, MEPCO is working towards upgrading its electric infrastructure to avoid untoward accidents and undue exposure to any electric shocks for workers and customers. MEPCO has been working towards improving customer experience and overall service quality over the last few years due to new initiatives and major reforms.

Always pay your MEPCO bills on time to avoid disconnection of your electricity service and inclusion of your name in the defaulters list that is also published on their website.

If you have any queries regarding your MEPCO electricity bill, you can call their customer support helpline at 0800-63726.