Can Saturday’s Countrywide Blackout be Blamed Simply on ‘Sabotage’?
There have been four national power breakdowns’ in the country in the past 48 days and according to the former head of Pepco, if you do the math, that’s one breakdown per 12 days. The government has blamed sabotage for this break down, calling it an act of terror,... Read more
Massive Electricity Outage: More than 80% of Pakistan in Darkness
Update 12:40 PM on 25th January: Electricity resumed in some parts of country Electricity has been restored in some parts of the country after the 12 hour power breakdown that started at midnight. NTDC has restored 7000 MW of electricity, however many areas are still without power. The Prime... Read more
Power Black Outs Expected Soon Across Pakistan
According to recent reports, Pakistan is only left with 10,000 metric tonnes of furnace oil. With no immediate inventory back up on the horizon, it will not be long before the power distribution companies will have no choice but to cut the electricity power in Punjab. This will be... Read more
Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Face Severe Petrol Shortages
Petrol wherefore art thou? This seems to be the question everyone in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is asking. First it was electricity, then CNG and gas, and now petrol. Could we have coined a new term called Petrol Loadshedding? The government and oil companies continue to play the blame game... Read more
Nawaz Government Increases Electricity Tariffs Once Again
What is the current electricity tariff in Pakistan? No one really knows, least of all the poor exhausted consumers who have been facing the continuous hike in electricity rates for many a month now in the form of inflated electricity bills. Despite the increase in cost of electricity, loadshedding... Read more
Audit Report lets Ministry and DISCOs off the Hook in Overbilling
Electricity bills and Pakistani consumers do not make a happy story. Overbilling has been an issue in the country for decades. However the exorbitant and unbelievably high bills and that too in the summer months when load shedding was at its peak, had led to mass protests and demonstrations... Read more
Consumers to be Paid by DISCOs to Generate Their Own Electricity
After months of deliberation and back and forth, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has finally approved the net metering system allowing domestic, commercial and industrial consumers to sell surplus electricity to the DISCOs (power generation companies) through installation of a solar panel system or any other on ground... Read more
Petrol Prices Further Reduced by Rs. 9.66
Following the recommendation by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the government has announced a reduction in POL prices with effect from 1st December. This is the second decrease in this month of petroleum products prices. This announcement was made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on Saturday during the public meeting... Read more
Consumers fooled into paying 80% more in electricity bills
A recent news item showed how billions of rupees have been generated by overcharging electricity consumers across the country. In a recent interview Khawaja Asif, the Federal Minister for Power and Water stated that the government had conducted an audit on the issue of electricity overbilling that had been faced by... Read more
The Story of Shahid: Another Victim of Excessive Electricity Overbilling
The story of Shahid, a poor resident of Chakray in Rawalpindi who makes a living by cleaning people’s homes, is similar to many other deprived people who’ve borne the brunt of government corruption and inflated electricity bills. The government recently claimed that it had conducted an investigation and audit... Read more