PM not happy with Neelum Jhelum project delay
The prime minister is upset with the Neelum Jhelum management team in delaying the completion of the hydropower dam. The hydropower dam was supposed to complete by October 2015, then the date was revised to December 2016, but now it seems it will much longer than that. During the... Read more
Petroleum Minister to request increase in gas prices
Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Shahid Abbasi, will request the prime minister to increase gas prices or the government will have to pay subsidy to the gas companies to recover the loses. The gas companies have been operating on a loss for two and a half years, with... Read more
Government to outsource security and operations of power generation companies
The federal government has decided to outsource the security of energy installations and oil logistics, and also to hand over the operations of power generation companies. The decision was made in the light of the attack by militants on transmission lines in Baluchistan which resulted in blackouts around the... Read more
Nepra accuses K-Electric of violating agreement
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, has accused K-Electric of violating conditions of its privatization agreement. According to the agreement, K-Electric was required to add 1,000 megawatts of electricity to its capacity within three years, but it had failed to do so. It did add 1,034 megawatts to... Read more
Nepra reduces tariff for distribution companies
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, agreed on Thursday to reduce electricity tariff for power distribution companies by Rs 2.68 per unit. The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, had earlier filed a request to reduce electricity tariff due to low oil prices worldwide. You can read more at:... Read more
Petition submitted to reduce electricity tariff
The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, has filed a petition with the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, to reduce the electricity tariff by Rs 3.28 per unit. The petition was filed on the basis of fuel price adjustment from May when petrol prices had fallen worldwide. Nepra had... Read more
K-Electric responsible for Karachi deaths says NEPRA
A report submitted by the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power mentions that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, holds K-Electric responsible for the death of more than 1300 people in Karachi. The report submitted to the upper house of parliament also blames the disaster management authorities and... Read more
Government criticized for repeating previous energy mistakes
The Senate standing committee on water and power criticized the government for not learning from previous mistakes and making the same mikstakes again. The committee’s chairman, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, said that in 1986 thermal power plants were approved instead of coal plants which has resulted in energy crisis today.... Read more
Senate panel to probe Karachi load shedding
During a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power, it was decided that a senate panel will probe the excessive load shedding that occurred in Karachi during the first few days of Ramadan. The load shedding resulted in more than 1200 people dead. National Electric Power... Read more
Neelum Jhelum project funding resumes
After a meeting between the Middle East lenders, Ishaq Dar, and Abid Sher Ali, the Middle East lenders have agreed to resume funding for the 969 megawatts Neelum Jhelum hydropower project. The lenders had stopped the project financing due to the increase in cost completion. The lenders were to... Read more