Electricity supply resumes in Karachi in some areas
High levels of humidity caused a transmission line to trip around 5 am. This resulted in 90% of Karachi without electricity. Electricity was partially restored for some areas of Karachi at night. Read more
70 percent of country without electricity
Almost 70 percent of Pakistan was without electricity on Friday 15th January. A transmission line in Punjab’s Muzaffargarh district tripped around 9:30 am which resulted in power loss across Punjab, Kashmir, KPK, and Baluchistan. 15 other power stations in close proximity to the Muzaffargarh transmission line were shut down... Read more
Pakistan State Oil given the go ahead to sign LNG deal with Qatargas
Pakistan government has allowed Pakistan State Oil to sign the LNG Sale Purchase Agreement with Qatargas. The agreement would allow PSO to import $16 billion of LNG for 15 years. The delay in the approval was due to the disagreement of price. Qatargas had initially considered selling LNG at... Read more
Karachi to Lahore gas pipeline project in jeopardy
Pakistan and Russia had signed an agreement for the deployment of LNG gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore as reported on 17th October. Russia was to invest $2 billion into the project, and state owned Russian firm RT Global Resources was to be awarded the project without any bidding.... Read more
Tajikistan will export 1000 MW hydel electricity in 2018
Tajikistan under the Central Asia South Asia project, CASA-1000, would start exporting 1000 megawatts of electricity to Pakistan in 2018. A 750 km transmission line is being installed and it’ll be ready by 2018. In accordance with CASA-1000, Kyrgyzstan would also start exporting 300 megawatts of electricity. The cost... Read more
Nandipur power plant generating electricity at high cost
Nandipur power plant is operating at a higher cost than all the rest of the power plants. It is generating electricity at the fuel rate of Rs10.25 per unit. The next expensive consumption of fuel is by public sector generation companies, Gencos, at a fuel rate of Rs8.30 per... Read more
Electricity consumers paying tariff for a nonfunctional power plant
Wapda has been charging tariff from consumers for a non-functional power plant. The tariff is collected in the form of “capacity charges” for the Rousch Pakistan Power Limited plant located in Abdul Hakeem in Punjab. These charges were supposed to enable the Rousch Pakistan Power Limited plant to receive... Read more
Iran can export more electricity to Pakistan
Iran, which supplies electricity to Pakistan’s coastal region of Makran, has offered to export more electricity. Currently it is supplying only 74 megawatt of electricity which will be increased to 100 megawatt in January. There are more electrical projects being considered between the two countries which could result in... Read more
Nepra reduces electricity tariff by Rs2.8 per unit
Nepra has reduced the power tariff by Rs2.8 per unit despite Faisalabad Electric Supply Company’s request to increase the tariff. Nepra reduced the tariffs for domestic consumers between Rs0.51 to Rs2.8 per unit while it reduced the tariff for industrial users by Rs1.5 per unit. Read more
No corruption found in Nandipur Power Project
Khawaja Asif, Minister of Power and Water, addressing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Water and Power said that the Nandipur Power Project inquiry didn’t find any corruption in the project, but it was the incompetence of the government engineers and delay by law ministry that delayed completion of... Read more