How to Install and Operate Hybrid Heaters (Gas/Electric) in Pakistan
Now that you’ve bought an energy saving heater or a hybrid heater, for lack of a proper name, it’s time to install it properly and ensure that it operates trouble-free for many years to come. If you are planning on buying one of these units or want to learn more... Read more
Electric Geysers in Pakistan – A Viable Alternative
Electric geysers are quickly becoming the preferred choice in place of traditional geysers because of the increasing gas shortfall countrywide in Pakistan. There are two types of electric geysers, instant or normal. Instant geysers warm the water quickly, while normal geysers take time to warm the water. In this article... Read more
Types of Electric Heaters in Pakistan
People are increasingly substituting traditional gas heaters with electric heaters in their homes owing to the pervasive gas crisis in Pakistan. The different kinds of electric heaters available in the market these days include fan heaters, blower heaters, quartz heaters, halogen heaters, sun heaters, infrared heaters, carbon fiber heaters,... Read more
What are Hybrid Heaters and How They Save Your Gas Bill by 60%
With winters around the corner and gas shortages at an all time high, many people across the country are left wondering what to do. One option is electric heaters but with the rising electricity tariffs coupled with the high energy consumption rate of these heaters, few can afford to... Read more