Ownership Costs of Solar System versus Generator versus UPS
The government has started many different projects to end load shedding. However, due to financial constraints or unavailability of equipment, the projects have been delayed with their completion date being pushed further and further. The government has acknowledged that these projects won’t be completed anytime soon and load shedding... Read more
Can Wind Energy help Pakistan overcome energy crisis?
With Pakistan failing to fulfill its energy demand through thermal and hydroelectric power plants, it is exploring other sources of energy to meet the energy requirements. One energy source being explored is wind energy. Wind energy has a huge potential in Pakistan, especially along the states close to the... Read more
Understanding Your Electricity Bill in Pakistan
If you’re amongst two-thirds (68% to be exact) of the population that has access to electricity in Pakistan, then you most certainly receive a monthly electricity bill. This piece of paper, also commonly known as the WAPDA bill, has been full of surprises over the last year for many consumers who... Read more
Complete Guide to Buying Fans in Pakistan
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Guide to Buying Refrigerators and Freezers in Pakistan
This article will give you information on the most cost and energy efficient refrigerators and freezers that will reduce your electricity bills while effectively preserving your food and drink items. Factors to consider when selecting a refrigerator Size The first thing to consider when buying a fridge is the... Read more
7 Culprits for High Electricity Bills and Their Solutions
Have you been receiving abnormally high WAPDA electricity bills, leaving you scratching your head? This article is precisely for you. Read on! It is not unusual that consumers in Pakistan have been receiving exorbitantly high electricity bills or WAPDA bills ever since the Nawaz Government came into power. The... Read more
Generator and UPS Buying Guide for Pakistan
What are the factors that you should consider while buying an Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a generator? This article will help you decide how to make sure that you can comfortably survive the ongoing energy crisis and prolonged load shedding that is expected in the coming months. Both... Read more
Electric Geysers in Pakistan – A Viable Alternative
Electric geysers are quickly becoming the preferred choice in place of traditional geysers because of the increasing gas shortfall countrywide in Pakistan. There are two types of electric geysers, instant or normal. Instant geysers warm the water quickly, while normal geysers take time to warm the water. In this article... Read more
Types of Electric Heaters in Pakistan
People are increasingly substituting traditional gas heaters with electric heaters in their homes owing to the pervasive gas crisis in Pakistan. The different kinds of electric heaters available in the market these days include fan heaters, blower heaters, quartz heaters, halogen heaters, sun heaters, infrared heaters, carbon fiber heaters,... Read more
Gas Load Shedding in Pakistan
Till about a few years ago, the word load shedding was only used in terms of electricity shortfall. However now “gas” load shedding has become just as common if not more, especially in winters. The past few years have seen an exponential rise in the non availability of gas... Read more