Loadshedding.pk is a website dedicated to the energy sector of Pakistan from the lens of a consumer. Our focus is to cover issues and challenges in the wake of the prevalent energy crisis, which has resulted in excessive load shedding and steep cost of electricity. The population at large in Pakistan is bearing the brunt of the energy shortfall in the form of high inflation, adverse impact on businesses  and inconvenience in general that has made performing essential day to day activities very difficult.

Over the last few years, cost of utilities, in particular electricity bills, in Pakistan have drastically increased causing much grief to customers. Compared to 2013, electricity bills have almost doubled this year. There are no signs of the electricity and gas tariffs reducing in the near future making it even more imperative to turn to energy efficient appliances and smart electricity usage.

In light of these issues, we aim to offer up to date information on consumer appliances, electricity saving tips, renewable energy and important news and events that are shaping our energy sector.