Did you know that you could view an online copy of your current month’s electricity bill? As trivial as it may sound, majority of... Check your WAPDA Electricity bill online for this month

Did you know that you could view an online copy of your current month’s electricity bill? As trivial as it may sound, majority of the people are unaware that such a facility exists for Pakistani consumers for their WAPDA bill. This is an extremely useful resource considering that consumers receive the printed electric bill just a few days before its due date leaving hardly any time for making the payment.

NOTE: Please note that due to changes in the WAPDA billing system, some of the links were not working. These have been rectified and now you can view your electricity bill online as per normal.

Viewing your electricity bill online

Given the negligence of our electricity distribution companies, who distribute printed copies of our electricity bills just in the nick of time, this allows consumers to be more proactive about bill payments. Your electricity bill is available online at least a week before the physical copy arrives at your doorstep. This provides ample time to make payments well within the stipulated due date.

Below are steps to access your electricity bill online or WAPDA online bill.

Step 1: Identify your Electricity Distribution Company
There are a total of 14 electric supply companies or power distribution companies (DISCOs) in Pakistan under the purview of WAPDA. You can view your electricity bill online for the following electricity supply companies. Identify your electricity distribution company from the following list. Your electricity supply company is mentioned on the top of your monthly electricity bill.

  1. Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO)
  2. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)
  3. Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO)
  4. Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO)
  5. Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO)
  6. Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO)
  7. Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO)
  8. Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO)
  9. K-Electric (Formerly Karachi Electric Supply Company – KESC)
  10. Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO)

Step 2: Visit Respective Online Electricity Bill Webpage for Your Supply Company

After you’ve identified your electricity supply company you need to click on the corresponding link to access your WAPDA online bill. In the example screenshot we have an Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) electricity bill.

IESCO header


  1. IESCO Online Bill
  2. LESCO Online Bill
  3. FESCO Online Bill
  4. GEPCO Online Bill
  5. HESCO Online Bill
  6. SEPCO Online Bill
  7. MEPCO Online Bill
  8. PESCO Online Bill
  9. K-Electric Online Bill
  10. QESCO Online Bill

Step 3: Locate and Enter 14 Digit Consumer Reference Number

Locate your 14 digit consumer reference number found on any previous printed electricity bill.

Consumer Reference number

Enter your 14 digit consumer reference number 12 12345 1234567 in the requested fields and press enter or click the submit button.


Wapda Electricity Bill Online

For K-Electric consumers in Karachi, locate the 13 digits Account Number and Consumer Number as indicated in the screenshot below and enter them in the required fields on K-Electric’s duplicate bill webpage.

K Electric Electricity Bill Online

Step 4: View Electricity Bill Online 

You will be able to view your WAPDA online bill on the following page. You can save a PDF copy or print the online bill for your records.

Electricity Bill Online IESCO

If you need more information on understanding your electricity bill, you can read our comprehensive  article here.



    plz show the billl

    • admin

      Dear Nasir, there was a slight issue with the WAPDA billing system due to which the online duplicate bills were unavailable. The issue has been rectified and now you can view your bill online.

  • zahid

    please show the bill feb 2015

  • MY BILL REF.NO. 04 37154 0372100 U IS NOT ISSUED TO ME, WHILE OTHER ONE NO.04 37154 0372000 U IS RECEIVED TO DAY ON 24/4/2015.

  • sir we did not receive the August bill and website of your qesco show old bill of July now what we do.

  • sir we did not received the bill of August. at which day new bill were issue .

  • Muhammad Naeem

    Dear How can we pay our PESCO bill online

    Please provide any link.

  • Aj 30 September ho gae ha lakin sep. Ka bill Abe tak online nhe nazar a rha is masla ko jald hal kare

  • Naeem Nawaz Chohan

    We want to see our Electricity bill on line. Our home is situated in Bahria town,Rawalpindi, Phase 8, Sector E, House No.10, Street no 1, Safari homes…
    Please send us our latest bill by our email ((great,nnc@gmail.con)

    And for future reference ,where we should check for our bill details ?please send us the link for future display…

    Your quick action will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks & best Regards
    Naeem Nawaz Chohan
    Finance Manager
    Jeddah- KSA
    Mobile # 00966561829009
    Email: great.nnc@gmail.com

  • riaz

    our reference no. 12-11347-1592300 but could not find bill of this month

  • riaz

    reference no. 12-11347-1592300 but bill could not find please expedite???????????????????

  • Please note that Bahria town has its own Electric Supply named: Bahria Electric Supply Company. This is not same as IESCO

    Any idea how to pay Electric bills online for Bahria Town Rwp?
    Anyone who has done it or knows how to do it?

  • dear admin, kindly rely
    REFERENCE NO# 10 15834 2967900 R
    usually my maximum bill ranges up-to 1500 to 2000,
    i am shocked that this month my bill is 4712!!!!!
    can you please let me know how did the bill turn up so high??
    this is absolutely not fair

  • Diep

    Dear Gentlemen,
    Could you show me about price Electricity in Pakistan?
    I have recieved price Electricity in Pakistan of Peshawar Electric supply Company,
    in Pakistan. I’m not sure about the Price Electricity of Peshawar Electric supply Company;
    May be: Price Electricity (PKR/kW)= Total (Fixed Charges Rs./ Kw/Month + Energy Charges Ps/KWh + F.A.S Ps/kWh + Addl. Surcharge Ps/kWh + Surcharge10.4%).
    C-1 For Supply at 400 Volts Fixed Charges
    Rs./ Kw/Month Energy Charges Ps/KWh F.A.S Ps/kWh Addl. Surcharge Ps/kWh
    Surcharge 10.4%
    a) For consumers having peak load requirement of upto 20 KW —– 124 34 342
    b) For consumers having peak load requirement of above 20 KW and upto 500 KW 220 109 34 321

    C-2 For supply at 11,33, kw (For peak load requirement not exceeding 5000 kw) 216 106 34 296 14.56
    C-3 For supply at 66, 132, 220 kv 214 104 34 290 14.352

    Please, Could you show me about that?
    I look forward about your feedback!
    Thank you so much!

  • Amir Nawab

    Trying Reference No. 01264530004862 for Peshawar Electricity Company but the billing information does not appear; the system continuously asks for “try again”. Couple of times tried with interval of weeks but the same response.

  • Khalil-Ur Rehman

    hesco bill website not opening

  • Shuja Ghayas

    is there any link of HESCO bill