Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on Solar Energy in Pakistan. This is the first of a series of articles and resources on solar... The Complete Solar Guide for Pakistan Including Prices

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on Solar Energy in Pakistan. This is the first of a series of articles and resources on solar systems that loadshedding.pk/ will be bringing to you over the coming months. This guide has been updated to cater to the needs of existing and prospective home owners who’re looking to install solar energy systems in Pakistan. This detailed article provides answers to common questions such as:

  • How much solar systems cost in Pakistan?
  • How to effectively install a solar energy system for your home in Pakistan?
  • What brands of panels and inverters to use?


Frequent load shedding, high electricity bills, power blackouts and never ending UPS battery issues! All of these probably sound familiar to an average Pakistani. In the past few years, one viable alternative to counter power and energy problems has emerged in the form of solar panels. While still not very common, solar panels are increasingly becoming popular across the country, both in urban areas and in rural regions which have access to very little or no electricity at all. The switch towards using solar panels is due to the dramatic decrease in the prices of photovoltaic equipment and the global drive towards clean and alternative energy. As I write this article, a Swiss paneled aircraft is attempting the first fuel-free solar flight around the world. Though research and development on solar panels has been going on for several decades, a worldwide awareness of the environmental hazards of fossil fuels and their finite nature grew in the last 30 years, partly as a result of the oil crisis of the 70’s.Currently the 3rd generation of solar panels are being produced which cost much less and are much more malleable than the 1st and second generation panels. With a population of about 180 million and a growing economy, Pakistan has extremely high energy needs. As a net energy importer, facing serious energy shortages, Pakistan needs to move to a   sustained transition towards renewable energy using its plentiful indigenous resources. In recent years, governments have been promoting renewable energy to reduce the country’s dependence on any single source to help mitigate against supply disruptions and price fluctuations, create jobs and reduce social inequality and green house emissions. Pakistan has also pledged action under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. According to the Alternative Energy Board, Pakistan receives solar irradiation of about 2MWh/m2 and 3000 hours of sunshine a year, which is at the highest end of solar insulation averages. A number of projects at the macro level across the country are underway like the Quaid-e-Azam solar park in Bahawalpur, which will be completed later this year, covers an area equivalent to 500 soccer fields and will generate 1000MW of electricity.

Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park (Near Bahawalpur)

Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park (Near Bahawalpur)

While large scale solar solutions can cost millions of rupees, solar panels for residential and domestic use are cost effective and readily available in the market. This article will explore the types and prices of solar panels that are available in Pakistan and also describe how a solar system works. Solar panels use the sun as a source of energy. However this energy can only be converted to power and electricity through a solar system that is made up of different elements that work together to produce electricity. These elements include a solar panel, inverter, and a battery. Each of these elements comes in different sizes which impact the performance of the solar system. Figure 1 shows how solar systems work.

How Solar Works?

How Solar Works?


What is a Solar Panel?

A solar panel is the main part of the solar system. It absorbs the sun’s rays and converts it to electricity. This is done through photovoltaic cells, which are hundreds of semiconductors combined to form a circuit. When the light shines on the cells, they convert it into DC current. When there is no more light, the cells stop producing electricity. The photovoltaic cells are housed in a rigid frame that is strong enough to withstand environmental roughness. The frame is covered by a glass to protect the cells from rain, strong winds or extreme temperatures and a built-in drainage hole in the glass to drain out any moisture or water that might have build up. The solar panels are either monocrystalline panels or polycrystalline panels. Monocrystalline panels are black in color, have no edges, and are slightly smaller in size than polycrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels are dark blue in color, and generate more electricity than monocrystalline panels. Figure 2 shows how solar cells work.

How Solar Cells Work

How Solar Cells Work

  A residential solar panel measures 65 inches by 39 inches (L x W), while a commercial solar panel is usually 77 inches by 39 inches in width. The depth of both is 1.8 inches. The residential panel is made up of 60 photovoltaic cells, while a commercial panel can have anywhere from 72 to 96 photovoltaic cells. Since households consume relatively less electricity than commercial ventures or organizations hence they need only one solar panel to provide the required electricity. Whereas businesses and organizations consume more electricity therefore they need more panels. They also have more space and area to house solar panels which makes it easier to install 5 or 10 solar panels to fulfill their electricity requirements. A solar panel can generate anywhere from 50 W to 270W depending on how bright the sun is. This equates to almost 10kWh daily and about 38kWh energy per month. The amount of electricity consumed depends on the usage. A typical house consumes anywhere from 300 to 900kWh per month. Table 1 below shows the average daily electricity consumption of household items.

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Appliance Estimated Daily Usage (Watts)
Electric Clothes Dryer 3,400
Oven 3,000
Hair Dryer 1,538
Dishwasher 1,200-1,500
Coffee Machine 1,500
Microwave 1,500
Toaster 1,200
Iron 1,100
Room AC 1,100
Vacuum Cleaner 500
Blender 300
Water Pump (Boar) 1/3-1HP 1,200
Monitor 150
Computer 120
Portable Fan 100
Ceiling Fan 100
Stereo 60
Shaver 15
Laptop 60-250
Regular TV 190
Plasma TV 340
LCD TV 215
40W Energy Saver (left on for 6 hours) 11
20 cu.Ft. Fridge 1,410
15 cu. Ft. Fridge 1,200

Don’t forget to read our comprehensive and informative guide on solar air conditioners for Pakistan.  The amount of electricity consumed depends on how many items are used. Most of the high energy consumption appliances are used in summers like Air conditioners and refrigerators, and with longer summer days, the solar panels are able to produce more electricity to meet the demands.

Types of Solar Panels Available in Pakistan

The solar panels installed in Pakistan are imported from Canada, Germany, China, and USA. Below are some of the most popular brand names that are available in the market. Canadian Solar: is manufactured in Ontario, Canada and is the most popular solar panel used in Pakistan. It operates in 18 countries worldwide, and is the third largest solar company worldwide. Canadian Solar manufactures 7 different kinds of solar panels. The smallest of the solar panel is made of 50 cells, and the largest has 72 cells. These are further divided into monocrystalline panels or polycrystalline panels. Canadian Solar also manufactures a glass-glass module which incorporates a 2 glass cover and is ideal for installation near oceans or rivers. Lorentz: is a German based company and manufactures its panels in Germany and China. Lorentz produces LC series solar panels. There are 5 different sizes, with 36 cells the smallest and 72 cells the largest. All the panels have monocrystalline or polycrystalline option except the 60 cell panel. These solar panels have aluminum frames and three layer back sheet for cells protection. Yingli: solar panels are manufactured in Baoding, China. Yingli Solar operates in 30 countries worldwide, and is the largest solar company worldwide. Yingli Solar manufactures the YGE and PANDA solar panels for residences and commercial usage. The smallest panel has 48 cells, and the largest 72 cells. All the panels have monocrystalline or polycrystalline option except the 72 cell panel. These panels are highly efficient because they minimize power loss. LDK: solar panels are manufactured in Jiangxi, China.LDK Solar manufactures about 8 solar panels offering only 60 or 72 cells solar panels. All the panels have monocrystalline or polycrystalline option. These panels perform well in low light conditions.

Best Options for Inverters Available in the Market

Household electrical appliances work on AC current, and not DC current, therefore an inverter is connected to the solar panel to convert the produced DC current into AC current. Inverters have different power ratings ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA. The higher the rating, the more electricity will be produced. Table 2 shows the different types of inverters available in the market:

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  Types of Inverter Features
1 Modified Sine Wave Power
  1. Produces small amounts of electricity
  2. Useful for charging cell phone or laptop or small installations like a camping cabin
2 True Sine Wave Power
  1. Produces enough electricity to meet the demands of a house.
  2. Is the most popular and widely used inverter.
3 Stand Alone
  1. Used when a rechargeable battery is part of the solar system. Electricity from the solar panel is saved directly in the battery and is passed from the battery to the stand alone inverter for conversion into an AC form, when it is needed for consumption.
  2. It is useful when there is no power grid in the location or an area that suffers from heavy load shedding. Since the system depends on the battery to produce power, it will continue providing electricity as long as the battery functions properly.
4 Grid Tie
  1. Used when the solar system is connected to the local power grid.
  2. The electricity from the solar panel is converted by the inverter and then sent to the power grid through an electric meter.
  3. When the electricity is being passed to the power grid, the electric meter runs in the reverse direction to ensure you are getting credit for the electricity produced. This system not only produces electricity that is used in the house but also produces electricity that is sold to the utility provider.
  4. Since Pakistan does not have the required infrastructure, currently this inverter cannot be installed at residences. Only a few heavy industries have this system installed, and are able to sell the generated electricity to WAPDA.
5 Dual Inverter System
  1. This is the most powerful solar system.
  2. Contains features of both the stand alone and grid tie inverter.
  3. In this system, the electricity is first sent to the battery or batteries. When the batteries are charged and are not capable of holding more current, the system bypasses the batteries and sends the electricity to the inverter, which after converting the current sends the electricity to the grid through the electric meter to ensure you receive credit for the produced electricity.
  4. They have the high power ratings since they need to produce a lot of electricity to be able to supply to the local grid.

Most inverters in Pakistan are mainly imported mainly from Taiwan and a few from the United States as well. Below are some of the most popular ones: Voltronic inverters are manufactured in Taiwan by Voltronic Power Technology Corp. They have been manufacturing inverters for over 20 years, and are the most popular inverters used in Pakistan solar systems. The company manufactures 12 different inverters including the Atom, Mighty, Axpert, PowerAVR, Scudo, Shieldo, Defendo, and Aegis series. The Axpert series inverters are imported to Pakistan. This series contains five different inverters which have a power rating from 700VA to 5kVA. Outback panels are manufactured by Outback Power in Arlington, Washington state, USA. It manufactures the Radian series, Off-grid series, and grid hybrid series. The grid hybrid series is the top of the line inverter series offering 91% greater power saving and return in short period of time. Morning Star inverters are manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA. They have been supplying inverters to 112 countries worldwide and their products are considered to be very advanced and of the highest quality. It manufactures the SureSine series inverters that offer 92% power saving and can handle 200% power surge.

Types of Batteries for Solar Systems

Table 3 below gives details about the different types of batteries available for use in the solar system:

Types of Batteries Features
 1 Flooded lead acid
  1. This is the most common battery and lasts longer than the rest.
  2. It has to be maintained regularly, the water level and other maintenance has to be monitored frequently.
  3. Releases gas when it is charged hence has to be placed outdoors
2 Sealed Battery
  1. This is a maintenance free battery and does not need frequent water checks or other monitoring.
  2. Does not release gas hence it can be places indoors.
3 Deep Cycle
  1. Only useful for a small system
  2. Does not have the capacity to produce electricity for a long time and undergoes many charge-discharge cycles daily
4 Absorbed Glass Matt
  1. Features a glass mat between the plates which enables the battery to be charged for longer than a traditional battery.
  2. It is leak proof and does not discharge gas on charging
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Commonly Available Battery Brands

The batteries used in the solar systems in Pakistan are both local and imported. Details of the imported ones are as follows: Narada: batteries are manufactured in Hangzhou, China. Narada operates in Asia, Europe, USA, and Latin America. They are one of the most popular import brands in Pakistan and produce 18 different series of batteries. Each series falls into three categories, AGM battery, new type gel battery, and traditional gel batteries. Sacred Sun: batteries are manufactured in Shenzhen, China by Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Company. It has sale offices in 50 different countries and produces 15 different series of batteries with 6 of the series specially manufactured for solar systems.

Prices and Configurations of Traditional Available Solar Systems

There are quite a few solar system configurations available in the market. Most of them are configured for industries, with only a few options for residences. Table 4 shows details of some of the traditional configurations available in Pakistan. All prices are in PKR.

Watts Electrical Appliances Supported Solar Panel Cost Hybrid Inverter Cost (5KVA) Battery Cost Installation + cabling cost Solar panel stand Estimated Total Cost
1 300 1 fan, 2 energy savers 34,5005 85,000 36,000 52,000 7000 214,500
2 600 2 fans,2 energy savers and 1 LCD TV 69,000 85,000 36,000 52,000 7000 249,000
3 750 3 fans, 4 energy savers and 1 LCD TV 86,250 85,000 72,000 52,000 7000 302,250
4 1,000 3 fans,4 energy savers , 1 LCD TV and 1 0.75 HP water pump 115,000 85,000 144,000 52,000 7,000 403,000
5 1,500 5 fans,10 energy savers, 2 LCD TVs, 1 laptop and 1 1.5 HP water pump 172,500 85,000 144,000 52,000 7,000 460,500
6 2,000 6 fans, 10 energy savers,2 LCD TVs,2 laptops,1 1.5 HP water pump and 1 water dispenser 230,000 85,000 144,000 52,000 7,000 460,500
7 2,500 5 fans, 12 energy saver lights, 2 LCD TVs, 2 laptops, and 1 refrigerator/freezer. 287,000 85,000 144,000 52,000 7,000 575,500
8 3,000 5 fans, 12 energy saver lights, 2 LCD TVs, 2 laptops, 1 refrigerator/freezer, and 1 1.5ton AC for 6 hours. 345,000 85,000 144,000 52,000 7,000 633,000
9 4,000 7 fans, 15 energy saver lights, 3 LCD TVs, 2 laptops, 1 refrigerator/freezer, and 1 1ton AC for 12 hours 460,000 85,000 288,000 52,000 7,000 892,000
  5,000 8 fans, 20 energy saver lights, 3 LCD TVs, 2 laptops, 1 refrigerator/freezer, and 1 1.5ton AC for 12 hours 575,000 85,000 288,000 52,000 7,000 1,007,000

Prices and Configurations of Non-traditional Available Solar Systems

Nontraditional solar systems utilize your existing UPS. They include a solar panel, charge controller, existing UPS batter, and the existing UPS. Instead of the inverter, the charge controller is used. This system is available in 4 configurations as follows. 700VA UPS system: It supports 2 fans and 2 energy savers. It uses a 300W solar panel, 20A charge controller, and its cost including installation and equipment is Rs 49,000. 1kVA UPS system: It supports 3 fans and 3 energy savers. It uses a 500W solar panel, 30A charge controller, and its cost including installation and equipment is Rs 89,000. 2kVA UPS system: It supports 5 fans, 5 energy savers, and 1 LCD TV. It uses a 1000W solar panel, 60A charge controller, and its cost including installation and equipment is Rs 168,000. 3kVA UPS system: It supports 6 fans, 10 energy savers, and 1 LCD TV. It uses a 1600W solar panel, 60A charge controller, and its cost including installation and equipment is Rs 249,000. These configurations are cheaper than a regular solar system because they require less equipment. Since the UPS is already set up and won’t require much cabling, the only expensive item is the solar panel. Regardless of the solar system you choose, it’ll take about a week for it to be installed in your house. The solar panels have either 10 or 25 years of warranty, depending on which brand you choose. The inverter has a year warranty, and the battery has 6 months warranty. Once the system has been installed, the estimated payback time on the investment is almost 2-3 years. If you have any questions regarding solar panels or its pricing for Pakistan, please make sure you leave a comment below or visit our Solar FAQs.

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      Most solar inverters come with the option of prioritizing. Usually the system is configured to harness power directly from your panels whenever sunlight is available. In the absence of sunlight, it turns to WAPDA or your grid. Lastly during loadshedding hours and in the absence of night, your system will provide power through your batteries. I hope this helps.

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  • Admin,Great to know about the feather of solar panel you are offering in Pakistan. I had some inquiry and hope will get a suitable quotation from you.My requirement are as under.01. Celling Fan 04 and 04 energy sever plz tell me cost of it

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      A 1KVa system should be sufficient for your requirements. It should cost you around PKR 100,000 to 160,000 depending on the brand of panels and batteries. We’ve listed down some reference systems along with their prices in the article in a table.

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      We would recommend no less than a 7.5Kva system will an adequate battery bank. Cost can be anywhere between PKR 1.2 million to 1.5 million

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    Dear Admin,

    I was in search of such a good article from a long time and after all i got it, thanks alot.. please can you connect me to any Solar invert-er vendor. I am wondering to install the solar system in my area.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

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    Assalam o alaikum! Dear admin i want to install solar panel in my bouse. Therefore expert guidance is required. I would be thankful for your consideration.

    • admin

      We are in the process of bringing on pre-qualified solar vendors on our panel and will be in touch with you soon. What is your requirement?

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    Thanks alot very informative article, Can you plz guide me regarding solar tube well? how much it would cost if water level is at 150 feets and we require 3 inch water line.

  • S.Majid

    very informative article. Could you plz let me know the cost of solar system to run 2 fans, 3 savers, i refrigerator and TV. I would also like to know the area required for installation of this system on the roof top.

    Thanks n best regards, SM

    • Farooq

      Good article!
      I wanted to know if we can install a grid tied system WITHOUT BATTERIES. So as to reduce power cost in light of the net-metering option given recently by the government. Will such a setup work when grid power is off but solar power is available (ie during day time) .

      • admin

        Yes it will work. Your inverter will prioritize the power source. When solar power is available it should draw power directly from your panels. In fact the configuration you’re talking about is most common in the west where net metering is implemented. Solar power is used during day and grid at night and the utility cost is calculated based on electricity generated and consumed.

  • Tariq Masood

    this is really a very informative article and I also want some information. I am a doctor and running a clinic from 3 to 8 pm. I am using 8 fans, 10 energy savers of 18 watt each, 2 lED TV, 1 water dispenser, 1 refrigerator. Can I use any system with out batteries. I know on grid system is not working in Pakistan. Thank you so much.

    • admin

      Unfortunately you will need battery backup power on a solar system during these hours, especially during winters when there is little sunlight.

  • kamran memon

    Dear admin, This is fabulous article i have ever found regarding solar systems in pakistan. Can i use windmill instead of solar systems? Since we have abudant wind here in thatta, sindh. Can elaborate on it too?

    • admin

      Wind power is quite expensive and tricky to setup. Usually wind power is practical on much larger scales. Do read our article on Wind Energy. That might have some answers that you’re looking for.

  • Ali Imran Zaidi

    A very informative article from the layman perspective. I live in Multan. Can you provide me with any contact here to help me out for solar energy solution.
    Dr. Ali Imran Zaidi

  • Farooq

    Good article!
    I wanted to know if we can install a grid tied system WITHOUT BATTERIES. So as to reduce power cost in light of the net-metering option given recently by the government. Will such a setup work when grid power is off but solar power is available (ie during day time) .

    • No it wouldnt you are essentially looking at the online system which cannot work without the regular supply of electricity.


    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am looking for to convert my agriculture tube well on solar system. 50HP submersible pump and all related fitment installed in my tubewell. I want to convert same system on solar system. How much cost will come .

  • kazim

    hi , i want to install solar system in my home .
    for following,
    please tell me the load and which type of system would be suitable for them and cost as well .

    1 – Hp water pump
    1 – refrigerator
    1 – Iron
    1 – water dispenser

  • Though I am very late at this article. However people should understand more on solar pannel.
    If you want to buy solar system for tackling loadshading headache you need to calculate total required energy (KWh or Ah= Ampere/hour).
    This means you should know total amperes for appliances you want to run during loadshading hours.
    Assuming that you need to run 1 fan (rated at 50 watts) for 6 hrs of loadshading. You need
    300Watt-hrs of energy.
    Assuming perfect conditions with 6 hrs of sun shine you need 50watt of solar pannel at least.
    Furthermore at night time you don’t have sun and for that you need battery as well.
    For that assume that you need to run fan 3 hrs at night. This means you need 150watt-hrs of battery (150/12v= 25Ah@ 50%DOD).
    Also you need >100watt Inverter to convert DC into AC current. however I reccomend to buy Fan for 12v Dc.

    • admin

      Thanks for the useful information and breaking things down 🙂

  • Mirza Abdul Aziz

    Admin,Great to know about the feather of solar panel you are offering in Pakistan. I had some inquiry and hope will get a suitable quotation from you.My requirement are as under.02. Celling Fan 05 energy sever 01 Refrigerator 15 cubic feet plz tell me cost of it

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  • sir what is the price of solar home system just for 1 fan and 2 savers??kindly tell the actual price

  • abdul sattar

    Dear Sir, according to above chart my requirement is at Sr.No.4 i.e. 1000 watt that means 3 fans 4 bulbs one LCD and one pc and one photocopier instead of water pump.. My question is
    1., what is life of said batter. when it should be replaced with new one.
    2. Consumption of 1000 thousand watts you showed at sr.4 means daily consumption?
    Please reply me. Regards, A.Sattar from Karachi

    • admin

      Batteries typically have a life between 3 to 5 years. 1000Watts is the maximum theoretical load the system can handle at any given time.

  • Hi! I am interested in solar system that will charge batteries and in night when solar panels are not charging batteries will be charged with direct current. I already have UPS and 200w two batteries. What else i need and what will it cost ?City Home Solar

    • admin

      Hi Moeez,

      Please refer to the pricing table in the article.


    • Hi you will need to change inverter to accommodate solar panels.

  • Haroon

    wow excellent article on solar system , i have a question at present i have 2kva ups with AGS 165 2 batires now please advise which solar panel will be best for me I want to run 5 fans 4 lights and one lcd tv

    • you will need a 2kva system starting from 190k.

  • Rizwan

    Dear Admin,
    I want to install solar system in my house in Lahore. Please guide me local distributor as well total cost of the solar system with installation Required load is 4 Energy saver bulbs, 4 ceiling fans,.thanks

    • admin

      A 1KVA to a 1.5KVA system is recommended. We recommend that you switch your energy savers with LED bulbs to further reduce consumption. Estimated cost is roughly between Rs. 250k to 350k depending on the quality of your panels and batteries. We are in the process of compiling a list of pre-approved vendors but currently are in no position to recommend someone.

      Thank you for visiting our website!

      • sobhi

        Sir can u suggest someone from where i can buy solar system in pindi and isloo

    • Hi you will need a 2 to 3kva system which should cost you around 250k i.e. with 24v system.

    • Engr Shahzad Aslam

      1.2 kva 80 to 90 thousands

      • Waqas Bajwa

        your whatssapp number plz?
        contact at 03456827587

  • I have inverter ac one ton of GREE brand kindly give me suggestion for solar system and cost

  • I want to use 3 AC of 1.5 Ton on Solar. Kindly Guide me the price and i will use it for 12 Hrs /24 Hrs please specify price for 12 Hrs & 24 Hrs

  • imran

    plz tell me where in lahore i can get best and more economical solar system in lahore my range is 115000, i want to install 1kv system ,my cousin install 1kv system in sahiwal at 1000000, two mounth Ago and it work excellent .,but in lahore i can not get that price.plz suggest me solution in my range .

    • Engr Shahzad Aslam

      1kva 90 thousands

  • imran

    plz tell me where in lahore i can get best and more economical solar system in lahore my range is 115000, i want to install 1kv system ,my cousin install 1kv system in sahiwal at 100000, two mounth Ago and it work excellent .,but in lahore i can not get that price.plz suggest me solution in my range .

  • Naveed alam

    I want to run 20 hp electric motor on solar energy..how much kw system is needed and kindly tell me estimated cost as well.thanks.

  • Qazi Najeeb Khan

    Thank you for a comprehensively informative article. I wish to install a solar unit on a 10 up submersible pump in a well at a depth of a 100 ft. May add a couple of LEE’s to lighten up the installation area. Would appreciate your suggestion on the subject. Regards. Najeeb.

  • Faisal

    Respected Sir, I need the contact details of Solar panel vendor in hyderabad please, urgently required. Please reply as soon as possible.

    • Engr Shahzad Aslam


  • Adnan Siddiqui

    I beg to differ with your comment on flooded lead acid battery for use with solar system. Neither it serves longer nor it is meant for use with solar system. Flooded battery is primarily a starter battery which can provide high current for a short duration, as it is needed for ignition system of automobiles. Moreover, it’s stringent requirements for maintenance makes is quite inconvenient for solar power users. Most suitable battery for solar system is gel type which you didn’t mention. May I have your comments please.

    • Engr Shahzad Aslam

      I agree with u dear gel type and dry batteries are very suitable for solar system

  • Saqib Rashid

    I am planning to install Solar system with 3,000 Watts. What will be the life time for these solar system. May i need to replaced batteries every year?. Please advice your any agent in Chishtian, Pakistan

  • Dear Admin, well a quite intresting details about solor power generation. I belongs to a remote location, where there are power cuts for more than 18 hours. I want to install a system which can accomadate 1.5 ton a.c, a fridge, 3 fans & 2 lights & wifi router.
    I already having ups installed at my home & the cabeling for ups is done.
    What would you suggest. Kindly also give me a number of a professionl supplier .
    I would request you to plz give me a detail reply.

    Thank you

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    Admin sahib mere ghar may UPS (2 batteries 150) laga hay.
    3 fans 6 energy savers keliye kafi nahi hay.
    Solar Panal konse company ka achcha hay our kithna size laga don.
    Sirf soler panal chahiye baqi sab ready hay.

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    Appreciate if I can get best quotation of the following :
    ceiling fan 4
    Energy saver 6 to 8

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    And how much is price with out battery and inverter only solar panels.

  • M.Umair

    Dear Engg. Firstly i appreciate your detail working & information you gather going out of the box & covering all the boundaries. Well, all i want to know what the “life/ Product Life” of these console(S) if any one invest. As what it seems consumer pay his / her bill in advance for 4~5 Yrs as he setup any console with 2000watts (or above); over his/her monthly bill of 5,000rs / month; So product life very countable. Lastly; after bringing it in operation/fully-functional is there any maintenance/hidden cost that has to be induct periodically

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    please visit online solar product best prices..


    Contact: 030 77 381 381

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    One fan with 2 energy savers (dc ones including their price, no need for invert-er) will cost you less than 20K with battery, not 2.145Lacs.

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    Best Price of Solar System in Pakistan

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      • Engr Shahzad Aslam

        Contact 03456544465

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  • Solar Energy System in Pakistan The Best Soler & Wind Energy Price in Pakistan Solar Panel LED Lights Charge Controller Batteries Inverters Solar Pump Pakistan

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      Solar system in my home

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    A very informative article. Solar energy is indeed the future. I myself installed solar panels from (http://www.manshabrothers.com/solution/solar-power-solutions-pakistan).
    Now I have got rid of pathetic WAPDA.

    • Can you please provide us the system details and the savings you are getting?

  • alween momin

    Sir i want to purchase 10 panels 4 batteries and 2 invertors of canadian solar, yingli or trina, how can i contact

  • I find this article extremely informative, thank you Admin. In the Table “Prices and Configurations of….”, I wish there were more columns added like (a) Units (KWh) produced daily on a sunny day, and (b) The life of each component. These columns would enable one to calculate the payback period.
    Secondly, instead of net metering, if the system is considered off-grid for ONLY the peak consumption time, and no other time during the day, the payback should be the shortest. Is that a correct assessment?

    • Munir Raza

      Dear Fudyal

      Its true that solutions should be designed to optimize on the payback period. Off Grid solutions are depended on battery primarily and hence the cost of battery replacement tends to add to the over all cost. Thus a grid tie solution may turn out to be a more cost optimized solution.

      Additionally , recommendation of the best solution can be determined after analyzing the individual needs and then customizing the solution to those needs focusing on ROI optimization.

  • M. Mumtaz Athar

    I am likely to start consructing my house in Islamabad in Jinnah Gardens. Size is 35*72 ft. I feel like including some sort of hybrid system to include solar as well as wind energy system right during construction instead of making mess of things later. Can someone advise me regarding this?

  • kamran

    Salam, This article need improvements.
    It does not cover whats the peoples want actually, it’s bunch of technical information that some do not understand.
    If you look to the comments 100 asking the same question,
    1.Solar panels in the market and the ones mentioned in the article vary pretty much a lot,
    2.inverter for 300 watts requirements and for 3000 are not the same.

  • Mazhar

    I want to run only one 1.5ton AC. Nothing else. What configuration I.e. inverter, panels etc. needed and what will be the cost of it…

    Mazhar Ali

    • Mujeeb

      You need 2000-3000watt pv modules depending on ur AC specs, along 04-batteries each 155Ah-200AH, an inverter & framing.
      Estimated cost would be 280K to 400K Rs.

      • in this setup with four batteries, would one be able to use the 1.5AC

        • Munir Raza

          Dear Mahar and Zain . Yes the AC would work , on the configuration provided but the size of batteries depends on the hours of back up required.
          Since batteries contributes the most to the cost of the solar solution , essence should be to optimize the cost of the overall solution , keeping the needs in mind.

          So if you want to optimize on cost you can also use a grid tie solution and save the battery cost . With this AC would run on solar during the day and on WAPDA or any other source post sunset

        • Mujeeb

          Yes for surely 🙂

  • Tanveer

    can anyone tell me some details on solar cnversion kits it seems quite economical i have found a detailed link on web but it is in india only

    • Mujeeb

      Yes its very cheap & efficient. Its known here as “charge controller.”
      Even u can get it at ur doorstep.

      • in this setup with 4 batteries, can one run the 1.5 ton ac at might from the solar energy? and how long will the solar energy last at 26° temp setting of thermostat.

        • Mujeeb

          Yes with 4 batteries u be able to run ur AC during sun hours ( 6-8h) normally. The less power u take from batteries the more ur back up time will be when no sunlight.

  • kamran

    I’ve been doing research on internet for a couple of days, Asking from all experts.
    If there is 1000 watts UPS (Same case with solar inverters, not talking about hybrid inverters or priority based), and let’s say 450 watts panels, a charge controller.

    Assume the scenario:
    1. If UPS is charging the battery and at the same time solar panels also, would the battery not get damage, because the battery is 12v, the charge controller already giving 12 v, while the UPS also charging at the same time.

    for a full sunshine, 450 watts panels, how much it will giving back up time for AC electricity, suppose load is 200 watts.


    Please recommend me with specs, a good solution for good loadshedding (Battery type, inverter type), load is 300 watts.

    • Mujeeb

      UPS charges through main power supply. When u install solar panels, then either u taking power from solar to charge battery or from main power supply.
      So your battery wont damage until a poorly designed & installed.
      Solar panels dont provide back up, it only can charge your battery so u can make it back up.

  • khanji

    Can you please comment on pricing if someone wanted to run a central air conditioning in a 500 yard house for 12 hours a day. What kind of system you recommend?

    • Munir Raza

      Kindly share the power needs for the centralized cooling unit. they come in various capacities so actual load requirement needs to be ascertained.

  • M Sohaib Satti

    Very well written article for general people but I would like to point out that the prices are outdated it has some mistakes in evaluating load for different appliances. For example a ceiling fan would consume around 70-100 Wh if you run it for one hour but that is not the practical case as usage can be easily 6-16 hrs daily in summer depending upon the usage. So that will change the load equation altogether for designing a solar power system. You can contact us if you need more information about load calculation and solar system design.
    M Sohaib
    BMM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • BMM Solar

    Very well written article for general people but I would like to point out that the prices are outdated it has some mistakes in evaluating load for different appliances. For example a ceiling fan would consume around 70-100 Wh if you run it for one hour but that is not the practical case as usage can be easily 6-16 hrs daily in summer depending upon the usage. So that will change the load equation altogether for designing a solar power system. You can contact us if you need more information about load calculation and solar system design.
    M Sohaib
    BMM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Gulrais

    Dear Bro AOA,

    if we have 7 Amp DC Washing machine so how can direct use of solar pannel and how much watt of pannel please?

    • Mujeeb

      U need at least one 150watt solar panel as it gives 7.5Amp. Would recommend 2pcs 150watt if you need operation for more than 2-3hours a day.
      plus u need to put a a0/20A charge controller.

      • Gulrais

        Thanks Bro…. one more can u suggest me may i get ac washing machine n use on batteries with invertor bcoz of in my village there is no electricity so may i use dc washing machine or ac washing machine please?

        • Mujeeb

          If DC washing machine easily available to you & its reliable cheap, then u should take it.
          AC power is costly but you may run all appliances of home, almost.

          • Gulrais

            Thanks dear

    • Munir Raza

      Dear Gulrais

      You would require about 2 KW of Panels for your 7 amps DC Washing Machine . Would you like to use it only during sunlight also post sunset. Elaborate your requirement and Call or Whats App @ 0304-IRTIKAZ

  • Munir Raza

    Dear All
    For all your Commercial , Domestic and Industrial Needs Solar, kindly call or Whats app your requirements @ 0304-IRTIKAZ ( 4784529) .

    Face Book @IrtikazSolutions

  • Ahsen Kh

    Hi, I had a query. We have recently installed 2kVA Solar Inverter system with 1000W solar panels (4*250W each). The issue is that the maximum power these panels are able to provide is 600W, and even that is only at peak hours like 12 in the noon. I would say, we get around 400W on average.

    Is there an issue with our panels or the efficiency of solar panels is usually around this much? Kindly guide.

  • I think Best Ju solar panel system is best.