Asian Development Bank may finance smart meters
During a meeting between Federal Water and Power minister, Khawaja Asif, and Asian Development Bank delegation, it was proposed that if the Asian Development Bank, ADB, can finance smart meters installation in Pakistan. The ADB is already financing Jamshoro coal plant project and is considering financing the second unit... Read more
Audit Report lets Ministry and DISCOs off the Hook in Overbilling
Electricity bills and Pakistani consumers do not make a happy story. Overbilling has been an issue in the country for decades. However the exorbitant and unbelievably high bills and that too in the summer months when load shedding was at its peak, had led to mass protests and demonstrations... Read more
The Story of Shahid: Another Victim of Excessive Electricity Overbilling
The story of Shahid, a poor resident of Chakray in Rawalpindi who makes a living by cleaning people’s homes, is similar to many other deprived people who’ve borne the brunt of government corruption and inflated electricity bills. The government recently claimed that it had conducted an investigation and audit... Read more