Power rate reduced by Rs 1.86 per unit
The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, has approved the request for reducing the power tariff at a public hearing. The Central Power Purchasing Agency, CPPA, had submitted a petition for tariff reduction of Rs 2.62 per unit, but Nepra approved only Rs 1.86 per unit, withholding 76 paisa... Read more
Committee formed to report on Karachi deaths
A Senate Committee has been formed to investigate the load shedding effects on Karachi and submit a report to the upper house of parliament. K-Electric, the main provider of electricity in Karachi, resorted to 20+ hours of load-shedding during the first two days of Ramadan. The load shedding plus... Read more
Wind power project tariff reduced by 20 percent
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority, Nepra, has reduced the tariff on wind projects by 20 percent. At the moment the tariff is Rs 13.20, and the revised tariff will be Rs 10.60. The tariff was revised after the Sindh government had protested against the ban imposed by the national... Read more
Prime Minister considering imposing Energy Emergency
With the government’s failure to end load shedding and recent deaths in Karachi due to heat and excessive load-shedding, the prime minister is considering imposing Energy Emergency in the country. During Thursday’s Cabinet Committee on Energy, both Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif agreed on imposing energy emergency. They were, however,... Read more
WAPDA workers union protest against privatization
All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union, CBA, held a rally on Wednesday in Hyderabad against the government’s plan of privatization and unsafe working conditions. CBA’s president, Abdul Latif Nizamani, claimed that Wapda’s transmission system is obsolete and can’t withstand the load. He said the system can only produce... Read more
Government not to pay Rental Power Plants capacity charges
The government will not pay Rental Power Plants, RPPs, capacity charges even though it was initially agreed to be paid. The Rental Power Plants were set up by the previous government, and the agreement was marred by corruption scandal. During the previous government’s tenure, the rental power plant deal... Read more
Power companies not to be transferred to provinces
With the government ready to privatize many state owned assets, it isn’t ready to conditionally hand over power distribution companies to provinces. The major reason for that is the condition set by the provinces which bonds the federal government to provide subsidies continuously for five years after the transfer.... Read more
Rajasthan coal plant to blame for Karachi heat?
Mushahid Ullah Khan, Federal Minister for Climate Change, said that coal plants based in Rajasthan, India, could be one the reasons behind the high temperatures in Karachi which has led to the death of 1000 people. The senator speaking at National Clean Development Mechanism Program said that wind blows... Read more
Cabinet Committee meeting focuses on Karachi’s power crisis
The 16th Cabinet Committee meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif focused on Karachi’s power crisis, specifically on the performance of K-Electric. The government and K-Electric have come under fire for not solving Karachi’s power crisis which has resulted in the deaths of more than a 1000 people so... Read more
Power companies not complying with government orders
Power companies have been accused of supplying electricity to industries between 6:30 pm to 4 am despite government’s instructions of halting electric supply to industries during those times. Pakistan Electric Power Company, PEPCO, has issued show-cause notices to heads of electric companies to explain within a week why they... Read more