Understanding Your Electricity Bill in Pakistan
If you’re amongst two-thirds (68% to be exact) of the population that has access to electricity in Pakistan, then you most certainly receive a monthly electricity bill. This piece of paper, also commonly known as the WAPDA bill, has been full of surprises over the last year for many consumers who... Read more
Sindh government asked to clear dues
The federal government has asked the Sindh government to clear its dues of Rs 60 billion which will help reduce load-shedding. The government had promised not to conduct load shedding during Sehr, Iftar, and Taraveeh times, but it has failed to live up to its promises. The government searching... Read more
7 Culprits for High Electricity Bills and Their Solutions
Have you been receiving abnormally high WAPDA electricity bills, leaving you scratching your head? This article is precisely for you. Read on! It is not unusual that consumers in Pakistan have been receiving exorbitantly high electricity bills or WAPDA bills ever since the Nawaz Government came into power. The... Read more
Consumers fooled into paying 80% more in electricity bills
A recent news item showed how billions of rupees have been generated by overcharging electricity consumers across the country. In a recent interview Khawaja Asif, the Federal Minister for Power and Water stated that the government had conducted an audit on the issue of electricity overbilling that had been faced by... Read more
The Story of Shahid: Another Victim of Excessive Electricity Overbilling
The story of Shahid, a poor resident of Chakray in Rawalpindi who makes a living by cleaning people’s homes, is similar to many other deprived people who’ve borne the brunt of government corruption and inflated electricity bills. The government recently claimed that it had conducted an investigation and audit... Read more