Alternative energy resources need to be explored says LCCI’s president
The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s president, Ijaz Mumtaz, during a meeting with a group of exporters said that Pakistan needs to explore alternative energy resources to meets its energy requirements. Mr. Mumtaz said that the conventional way of producing electricity through oil was not sufficient enough to... Read more
KPK hydropower project gets approved
The Executive Committee of National Economic Council, ECNEC, approved several projects during its meeting on Thursday including KPK’s hydropower project. The ECNEC, headed by Ishaq Dar, is the sole authority responsible for approving the country’s spending on projects. The planned Lawi hydropower plant in KPK will produce 69 megawatts... Read more
Some Karachi areas experience another night of blackout
On Tuesday night, a broken conductor at Bin Qasim power plant plunged parts of Sindh and Baluchistan into darkness. Whole of Karachi was without power for more than 7 hours. On Wednesday night, a transformer tripped causing 12 stations to fail. Many areas of the city were without power.... Read more
Government rejects high interest loan for Neelum Jhelum
The government has rejected a high interested loan which was offered by Exim Bank of China for the Neelum Jhelum hydropower project. Exim Bank had already financed a loan for this project at 4.4% interest, but the new loan was being offered at 7%. The government rejected the loan... Read more
Tripping causes prolonged blackout in Karachi
Karachi faced another night of blackout on Tuesday, when a 220 kilovolt power line at Bin Qasim power plant tripped. This led to tripping of two other power plants, which resulted in total darkness for some areas of Sindh and Baluchistan. A broken conductor at the Bin Qasim power... Read more
No solution for Pakistan’s energy crisis
In a conference held on 23rd July 2014 in Washington DC, Pakistan’s energy crisis was discussed. The speakers included former US Ambassador to Pakistan, former prime minister’s advisor on water and energy, World Bank consultants, and other advisers. The event discussions were later released in a book titled “Pakistan’s... Read more
Plans to privatize Neelum Jhelum hydropower project rejected
During a meeting held between WAPDA, Neelum Jhelum Project Company, Ministry of Finance, and other concerned parties, the idea of privatizing the Neelum Jhelum hydropower project was rejected. Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, rejected the proposal citing valuation and financing issues would arise. The cost of the project has... Read more
Work hasn’t started at two Sukkur hydro-power plants
Two hydro-power plants foundation were laid in Sukkur on 5th January 2015 by Asif Ali Zardari, and were supposed to be completed in 20 months. Yet no work has started on them.  The Sindh government who is overseeing the development of these plants hasn’t allocated any funds for the... Read more
KPK government working on 365 power projects
Imran Khan while inaugurating the Koto hydropower station in lower Dir said that his government in KPK is working on 365 power projects in the province that will help reduce load shedding. The Koto hydropower station will generate 40 megawatts of electricity and will be completed in four years’... Read more
Privatization of power distribution companies delayed
Plans to privatize the power distribution companies have been delayed to almost a year. The government was determined to privatize them, but with the delay it seems uncertain whether the government would privatize unprofitable state enterprises. The sale of Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company, Fesco, has been delayed from August... Read more